D. O(n log n), 50. 3. vector The total num ber of com par isons in a bub ble sort is 2 Ans: 2, 75. A. B. free tree D. because initialization of data members of the QueueLinkedList class is performed by the destructor of the LinkedList class A. a tree graph D. none of above C. O(n2) D. strongly connected A. Traversal Ans: A, 23. B. A. grounded header list In a Stack the com mand to access nth ele ment from the top of the stack s will be Counting the minimum memory needed by the algorithm B. for the size of the structure and the data in the structure are constantly changing The complexity of linear search algorithm is When Item is somewhere in the middle of the array A. queue linked list Computer Science & Engineering Quiz Model Questions and Answers for Upcoming Gate Entrance Exams. D. None or above, 48. One Ans: 2, 79. C. Both of above conditions applies The result of eval u at ing pre fix expres sion */b+-dacd, where a = 3, b = 6, c = 1, d = 5 is Ans: A, 61. C. the first data from the set to be stored Data Structure Online Test. D. None of above, 54. Ans: C, 19. The hashString() member function is called by other member functions of the Hashtable class whenever a function needs to convert a ________________ 1. a hash number key to a key Item is somewhere in the middle of the array Here you can find 1000’s of Data Structure MCQ Questions and Interview Questions. …………… is not the component of data structure. Ans: D, 6. B. linked list D. All of above D. all of above Defects are less costly if detected in which of the following phases A. Coding B. 2. C. Time and space You can Evaluate your level of preparation in Data Structures by Taking the Q4Interivew Data Structures Online Mock Test Data Structures Questions Answers MCQ contains (Linked Lists, Trees, Searching & Sorting, Stacks, Graphs, Strings, Basic Concepts, Matrices, Arrays) and know your score. A binary tree can easily be converted into q 2-tree First record of the actual data Ans: A, 89. A. endpoints of e 1. B. Graphs A. Dn = n log2n C. Queues B. FIFO Your email address will … A. Sequence B. C. both of above Ans: D, 25. Data Structure MCQ | Question Answer: For competitive examination and interviews In this post, we have given questions and answers related to the data structure, you can also see the answer to the question along with four options for a question.To see the correct answer, one has to click on the Correct Answer. Last record of the actual data D. FEAKDCHBG Complexity and capacity A. linear arrays D. side-module update, 53. Which data structure is used in breadth first search of a graph to hold nodes? When representing any algebraic expression E which uses only binary operations in a 2-tree, (ii) Com plete m-ary tree D. None of above New nodes are added to the _____ of the queue. A. P contains the address of an element in DATA. C. Sort A. Arrays B. Insertion sort 4. In a graph if e=(u, v) means To store your quiz result in your account, kindly login before play/give any quiz test. A. for relatively permanent collections of data The depth of a complete binary tree is given by Our online data structure trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top data structure quizzes. The complexity of Bubble sort algorithm is Item is not in the array at all A. isolated D. 0 It includes the objective types of questions on fundamentals of Data Structure, Stack and Queue, Tree and Graph, List and Linked List and Searching, Merging and Sorting Methods in Data Structure. They are _______ and _________.. 4. This set of multiple-choice questions includes solved MCQ on Data Structure about different levels of implementation of data structure, tree, and binary search tree. Ans: A, 84. If every node u in G is adjacent to every other node v in G, A graph is said to be Ans: C, 13. An array is suitable for homogeneous data but hte data items in a record may have different data type A. Arrays You will get your online test score after finishing the complete test. D. None of above, 55. Ans: B, 37. Ans: B, 34. A. The situation when in a linked list START=NULL is D. saturated In Pseudocode part consists of? Identify the data structure which allows deletions at both ends of the list but insertion at only one end.