It is also the best table tennis rubber for backhand. So I will get straight on with my recommendations. Butterfly Dignics 05. I started playing again after some time out of the game, and it is fun. I am looking for a rubber with LOTS of control as today I realised that will win me games. It is amazing for a player who is aggressive with the backhand as it is fast.    Anti spin rubbers google_ad_client = "ca-pub-5169084060799506"; Maybe you can try yasaka mark V. Pretty much simple and do all rubber. Mark V is really the benchmark, it's a great starting rubber. I agree that with the 1.0mm and 1.2mm rubbers you tend to feel the wood a …    Inverted rubbers Top Sheet Hardness: Hard. View unanswered posts | View active topics, Board index » Table Tennis Equipment - Specialised/Mainstream » Equipment (All), . I hope you like this review from Sponge Hardness: Medium. Turn any old, crappy bat or a ping pong paddle into a spin …       LP Attacking /* OOAK Forum Wide */ Backhand rubbers are often used for blocking and flat hitting than a forehand rubber so lots of players would go for a lower arc on the backhand. Table Tennis - Other topics /* OOAK Forum Link-list */ OOAK Table Tennis Forum A truly International Table Tennis … Table Tennis Equipment - Specialised/Mainstream 1) For the Backhand topspin you can use your waist and legs in a similar way to the forehand. I am sure that the moment you saw the title of this article you thought … The best table tennis rubber for professional players in the 2. Spin and loop are also very good – you can really feel the ball dig in the sponge. //-->, Board index » Table Tennis Equipment - Specialised/Mainstream » Equipment (All) Table Tennis Equipment - Specialised/Mainstream, Re: Backhand Rubber for the Average Player, ... cts_id=175, Rating in the middle/low range in the region, Click Here to see TableTennis11 CEO Sergei Petrov's Introductory Interview, ... t-pictures.    Table Tennis Blogs It has a speed rating of 135 and spin rating of 105 and hardness of 36.       Anti Tactics and Techniques Then if they come into the table, I drive strongly to push them off the table … Become a member and login, and you'll never see an ad again! Jump to:  Users browsing this forum: Matt Pimple and 23 guests However, table tennis rubbers … What is the best rubber out there for the backhand. The Evolution MX-P is one of the most excellent table tennis rubbers for players who use a lot of backhand shots. Buy ping pong rackets and … Good offensive backhand rubber?    OOAK Forum Development, Users browsing this forum: Matt Pimple and 23 guests, Powered by phpBB® Forum Software © phpBB Group,