It provides references and links to the relevant publications. Turbulence definition, the quality or state of being turbulent; violent disorder or commotion. Severe means the plane is just on the verge of being out of control. According to pilot Smith,“80 percent of turbulence [in] commercial aircraft experience is light.” In fact, Smith has never experienced extreme turbulence in his career and has only been through severe turbulence a few times. U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration 800 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20591 (866) tell-FAA ((866) 835-5322) The resulting impact on airplanes is measured as light, moderate, severe, or extreme. A pilot encountering turbulence has three options: change altitude, alter course, or ride out the roughness. Topics Opinion and argument c2; a series of sudden and violent changes in the direction that air or water is moving in. See more. Even in severe turbulence, the readings would range from + 0.4 G to +1.6 G. Airliners are built to withstand far more G-force than turbulence can produce. On top of that, it can cause messes like this on commercial aircraft: Turbulence definition: Turbulence is a state of confusion and disorganized change. Severe turbulence consists of large, abrupt changes in altitude or attitude. a period of turbulence in the country’s history; The country is facing a summer of political turbulence. This is also why pilot reports of turbulence are meaningless without knowing the types of aircraft involved. We experienced severe turbulence during the flight. This is where things start to get dicey. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Fighting turbulence with aggressive movement of the flight controls can make a … The definition for severe turbulence includes the sentence: “Aircraft may be momentarily out of control.” Extreme turbulence is defined as “turbulence in which the aircraft is violently tossed about and is practically impossible to control. That means drink carts are going in the air, and anyone not wearing a seatbelt just became the feathers of a sorority girl pillow fight. Clear-air turbulence definition is - sudden severe turbulence occurring in cloudless regions that causes violent jarring or buffeting of aircraft. Very few people have been in severe turbulence - but I do believe a lot of people *think* they have been in severe. 5) Severe Turbulence. Your aircraft may be temporarily out of control, and you'll be forced violently against your seat belt. If turbulence is unavoidable, using best practices, applying recommended techniques and following procedures will help to reduce the risk of injuries.This article is about turbulence encounters, their risks and tips for how to avoid them. Severe turbulence encounters may cause injuries to passengers and cabin crew.