13 watching. Oh, the good old days. Get that bread and share this article with your friends who you know are still holding onto all their childhood toys. As you can tell, the dolls grew to have hundreds of more options in regards to skin tones, outfits, and hairstyles. So cross your fingers, do some spring cleaning, no matter the season and hope that you find a doll in your closet. People were huge fans of the dolls because their uniqueness in style individuality. I got Felicity during Christmas 2 months later. I see why they're so popular.'". True '90s girls will remember American Girl dolls: Samantha, Felicity, Molly — the whole gang. $1,450: American Girl Samantha doll in original box and signed by American Girl founder Pleasant Rowland. American Girl Doll — Felicity’s Nightstand. She’s going for $1,399 on eBay. All are new and never removed from the box. You know which doll breaks the collectible-gone-wrong mold? ebuddy 10-Sets Fashion Doll Clothes and Accessories with Popular Elements Horn Style,Unicon,Flamingo,Mermaid,Princess Dress for 18 inch American Girl Doll,Most 18 Girl Dolls 4.5 out of 5 stars 878 $27.99 $ 27 . Our friend Samantha is selling for $1,850 on eBay. Reply. American Girl dolls and accessories that have sold on eBay in the last three months include: American Girl was first marketed in 1986 by the Pleasant Company in Middleton, Wisconsin. An idea with heart American Girl was first marketed in 1986 by the Pleasant Company in Middleton, Wisconsin. Try the Felicity Colorful Freedom activity, read book excerpts, and download wallpapers on Play at American Girl. Gently used American Girl Doll Felicity with a Pleasant Company neck tag. Felicity believes in fighting for what she wants and can be quite stubborn and headstrong at times; this gives her a strong connection to Benjamin Davidson. Felicity, a horse-loving girl alive during the American Revolutionary War, was featured in 2005’s Felicity: An American Girl Adventure. American Girl dolls were probably the fanciest things our tiny brains could dream of owning. Like a fine wine, these dolls age well, even though they stay forever young. American girl doll grace bakery that was set with a bonus grace bakery outfit. Most of the dolls and accessories that sell for triple figures and more are in unopened boxes or are gently used. The Mystery of the True Heart; Picture Pieces; The American Girl Quiz; Kaya; Felicity; Josefina; Kirsten; Addy; Samantha; Kit; Molly In 2002, Felicity and her outfits, accessories and furniture were removed from the mailed catalogs and relegated to online ordering only. Basically, these dolls were amazing and lovable for many reasons. Rebecca is another great doll that is selling for $190. Books - Meet Felicity An American Girl Book One, Felicity's Surprise A Christmas Story Book Three, and Happy Birthday, Felicity! American Girl Pleasant Company Felicity Christmas Near Complete RETIRED Molly Mini Doll and Book by American Girl Paperback $21.23. rover.ebay.com But she does come with a holiday gown so at least you’re getting some cool accessories. May 8, 2016 - Explore Jean Jones's board "American Girl Felicity", followed by 158 people on Pinterest. Molly McIntire. And if any of you were wondering, this seller is collecting every American Girl Doll ever made by the Pleasant Company (all historical characters and every Girl of the Year since 2001) for a whooping $30,000.000. Kirsten is going for $625. She was discontinued in 2010 so she is considered highly sought after. The 11 original Pleasant Company historical character dolls, especially if they've been retired like Felicity, can fetch hundreds if not thousands, on eBay. American Girl History Units: Felicity For the next 10 weeks, I will be sharing a series of history units based on the well-loved American Girl books. Each doll came with her own historically appropriate book and clothes. If you find a Kit laying around, you can rake up somewhere around $200. Rowland's idea was that "girls could play out the stories.". Years after the original dolls were released, the company decided to embrace the unique qualities of each customer by offering customization. Sweet Josefina is a money maker for sure. Samantha Parkington, an orphan being raised by her grandparents in 1904 New York City (archived in 2009 but re-released in 2014 as a BeForever doll). They also embraced different lifestyles for the dolls, showing some being scientists or astronauts. A first-edition Felicity can fetch more than $1,300 in auctions, according to the Gazette Review. If you treasured Kanani and all her beautiful Hawaiian culture, you could be making about $500 off of her. Her name translates to She Who Arranges Rocks. "But I was pleasantly surprised. Your childhood self might cry over letting these go, but your adult self is so pumped you’d be raking in all this cash. Most of the dolls and accessories that sell for triple figures and more are in unopened boxes or are gently used. Those dolls were my favorite toys, and even now, 10 years later, they are still in excellent condition. You can get four ladies for just $4,995 online. Felicity American Girl Doll Pleasant Company Vintage Handmade Dress, Tam, & Cloak with original Invitation to Holiday Dance LaKikCestChic. I have a hand made case (not from American Girl… With Shailene Woodley, Kevin Zegers, David Gardner, John Schneider. She’s selling for $596. Plus, it was so cute if you got a doll that looked like you, so you guys could match your outfits. Also, the shipping is $200 which is crazy. Now there are 20 across the country and international locations in Canada and the United Arab Emirates, according to the company's website. Samantha Parkington, a Victorian orphan who lived in 1904. 5. Snohomish, WA. They wanted to create “Strong Characters, Powerful Stories” as their website proudly states. In Stock. Sweet Kit loved Amelia Earhart and aspired to be a journalist someday and is now a mini gold mine for you. It’s time to rummage through your old toy chest and try to find an American Girl to reminisce with, but also to sell fast and make some cash. Addy Walker, a young girl living on a North Carolina plantation during the Civil War (still available). $1,450: American Girl Samantha doll in original box and signed by American Girl founder Pleasant Rowland. 99 $30.99 $30.99 She’s in mint condition, still inside her box. More evidence that American Girl eBay sellers are clueless: check out this Kirsten in a Felicity dress! Addy is selling for $190 and is a pretty legendary doll. There is a set of American Girl dolls, including Samantha, Molly and Addy with multiple outfits and furniture, for sale on eBay right now for $11,500. November 02, 2019: American Girl dolls are some of the most popular toys on the market today, and it's easy to see why. From shop LaKikCestChic. The first American Girl store opened in Chicago in 1998. American Girl Doll Felicity's Bed Retired 2001 Complete Tall Post Bed G0 You’d rush home from school to make sure your Tamagotchi was fed, the most important part of your day. Levine does a lot of business in auctioning jewelry and guns, many that have tantalizing stories connected to the owners. Free shipping on many items ... American Girl Doll Felicity Beforever Retired New in Box NIB DOLL and BOOK. Now, the toys have become rare collector's items worth thousands of … People would wait in line for hours to get inside an American Girl doll store. Julie is a blond American Girl doll who grew up in San Francisco and loves to play basketball. There is a decent market for American Girl dolls every day of the week.". See more ideas about american girl, girl dolls, american girl doll. Your American Girl doll was your BFF and she never left your side. The Felicity Merriman doll was released in Fall 1991 and revamped in 2005. Finally, we've updated the information for several characters, including WellieWishers Willa, Maryellen Larkin, and Kit Kittredge. I also have the dress she came in, her Christmas Dress, her Spring Dress, her Summer Dress, and some other outfits and accesories that didnt come with the doll. Caroline is going for a measly $2,750 on eBay. She’s just an absolute gem but that doesn’t come at a cheap price. $1,150: A signed American Girl Felicity doll still in the box. It was a cute and creative way to make the dolls seem more real. The first boy doll, Korean-American and doll of Hawaiian descent were introduced in 2017. $1,495: Kanani, 2011 Doll of the Year, never removed from her box, plus clothing and more accessories. Accessories - flowered print dress, and her nurse doll. In 1986, the first American Girl doll was released, made by a company called Pleasant Rowland. She is a retired doll so it’s pretty hard to get your hands on her. Felicity doll with four outfits, plus six books: $700. Addy paved the way for dolls of color and is still making waves because she’s worth a pretty penny. It was serious dedication. What makes an American Girl doll worth a lot of money? See more ideas about American girl felicity, American girl, Doll clothes american girl. ... a girl from 1944 whose father had gone off to fight in … Those stories always up the ante. Dad surprises son at Clinton Elementary after returning from military service early, 'Resilience is in our bones': Fiji prime minister addresses nation after cyclone. The initial three, Kirsten, Samantha, and Molly launched the collection in 1986. An idea with heart American Girl was first marketed in 1986 by the Pleasant Company in Middleton, Wisconsin. If you have one that’s still in its original box, you have a better chance of making more money. Details. Discover the story of this colonial Williamsburg-era girl, plus find her books, clothes, furniture, and accessories all at the official American Girl site. $3,200: 8 American Girl dolls, including Lindsey released in 2001 and the Dolls of the Year from 2005-2010. Basically, more accessories equals more money. Every year, they award a girl of the year to a specific doll. The original dolls were Felicity, Kirsten, Samantha and Molly. Little Miss Molly is selling for $5,000 on eBay. She’s never been out of her box so she’s pretty put together which is more than most of us can say about our lives. It’s a hilarious video where he gets a behind the scenes look of the doll. American Girl really nailed inclusion and diversity for the dolls, showing that every girl deserves to have a doll that looks just like them, no matter what you look like. The stories created a detailed background for the dolls that hopefully kids could connect to. It’s a pretty big deal. In Stock. Josefina Montoya, a Native American girl living in 1924 New Mexico with her father and sisters (still available). Cuteness comes at a cost. Given her beauty and her senior-level status among American Girl dolls, she sells for as much as $596. Kaya'aton'my, referred to as Kaya, is the "oldest" American Girl doll, with the birth year of 1764. Zoo Knoxville welcomes a bright orange baby langur, and cute is the word! She comes with a hot air balloon, an easel, and a horse. She was retired in 2010. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com. Let’s take a look online to see how much you could be getting for your dolls. Multi-character Games. Photo courtesy of American Girl. And the '90s when car dashboards spilled over with Beanie Babies? Those dolls were really such a treasure for anyone who owned one, and now, they’re even more of a treasure — the kind that makes your wallet fatter. She was archived again in December 2019. If you don’t have a serious connection to your American Girl doll like some people do, you might consider selling it and being thankful that you aren’t attached at the hip as an adult now, because that would be weird. Get the best deals on Felicity American Girl Dolls when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Lady Vols game against Jackson State canceled, COVID-19 Vaccine: Mild side effects are expected, allergic reactions rare but possible, Need to Know: How will the COVID-19 vaccine be distributed in Tennessee. The first Native American doll was released in 2002. All The Moms — Remember the '80s Cabbage Patch Kids craze? Hold onto your doll clothes. From a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, many American Girl Dolls dolls are a gold mine, so let’s hope you decided to save your doll (and hopefully not give her a weird haircut with nail clippers). The day I learned that the classic American Girl dolls with which I had grown up were regularly retired was a sad one, indeed. They wanted each girl to find a doll that they looked like. Like her friends Felicity, Molly, and Kit, Samantha also graced the silver screen in Samantha: An American Girl Holiday in 2004. $1,150: A signed American Girl Felicity doll still in the box. She can easily make you $300. The first three dolls released in 1986 are among the most valuable to collectors. Kaya was a member of the Nez Perce tribe of the American Northwest. Meet Felicity, a courageous girl growing up at the dawn of the American Revolution, who hopes to unite divided loyalties. Kaya is considered the “oldest” American Girl doll because she was born in 1764. A Springtime Story Book Four. Now the company sells more than four dozen versions of the dolls, including a limited-edition "Girl of the Year.". Felicity was officially archived on March 28, 2011, and rereleased in 2017 for the BeForever collection. American girl doll worth. She sold the company to Mattel in 1998, and in 2008, Mattel began "retiring" the original four American Girls—Samantha, Kirsten, Molly and Felicity—making them … Could we have a White Christmas in East Tennessee? "Of all the dolls that were worth $300 to $400 new at the time — they're worth $20 today.". The dolls, originals made by the Pleasant Company before it was sold in 1998 to Barbie-makers Mattel, are extremely valuable to collectors. Price in 2012: $115. When he first walked by an American Girl store in Scottsdale, he didn't understand the draw of parents and children packed inside until his wife explained it to him. This item: Felicity Mini Doll (American Girl) by American Girl Paperback $18.54. Girl of the Year Kanani (2011) + 2 books. FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00. American Girl introduced its first African-American doll in 1993 with Addy Walker. On August 27, 2010, American Girl announced on its website that the Felicity and Elizabeth collection would be archived. Kirsten Larson, a Minnesota pioneer who grew up in 1854. She is going for $300. There's a whole story to them and books, too.